If you are ready to step up and INTO your life and show up for yourself in an authentic way  that FEELS GOOD, then this immersion is for you.


In the 6 Week Immersion we deep dive into clearing the unconscious limiting thought patterns that hold you back from building a deep and trusting relationship with your intuition - in a really gentle way. 


This is about stepping into the deeply connected, intuitive soul that you already ARE.

I’m guessing you’ve done some personal development work and perhaps haven’t quite been able to fully trust in yourself and your connection yet. And maybe you are relying on other people that 'KNOW MORE' than you, to give you advice, tell you what you need to do or where to go because you feel so indecisive at times.


Well if that's true for you then just know that...

In the Immersion you will...


✨Learn how to find that support within you, trust in yourself and your own ability to make decisions in energetic alignment with your highest good in mind.


Get clear on what limiting thought patterns, fears and doubts that are stopping you from building a deep relationship with your intuition. We will gently bring them to your awareness with powerful strategies and soul psychology.


Experience the Soul Psychology energy healing and NLP Mindset Coaching to clear that stagnant, resistant energy as a collective. 


Practise simple and powerful daily practises each week to strengthen that bond to align with your true essence.


Explore how to turn up and down your sensitivity with your own personal energetic dial

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$997 AUD

I know how hard it can be to have the courage and the confidence to be yourself in a world that can be so judgemental.


But I also know the power of shifting your mindset around what 'being yourself' actually means.


We can be afraid that 'being yourself' can result in loss of some kind. Perhaps there’s some anxiety around saying what you want to say, doing what you want to do and being who you want to be.


I want you to know that I get it. 


And there is another way.

Aligning with what you choose to believe about your experience and how your INTUITION can LOVINGLY LEAD YOU there, IS KEY


Mastering your mindset and your energy through


When you trust your intuition it is so easy to feel at peace with yourself and who you are. It’s so easy to take energetically aligned action.


I know that you are here to make a difference in the world and help others in your own unique way and I want to support you in your journey.


What I know to be a struggle is… 


Being so focused on the joy and satisfaction that you feel from helping others (or what you imagine feeling when you think of your big dreams) 




leaving yourself behind in the process and feeling exhausted and drained.


You must CHOOSE YOU first.


I’ve seen so many people suffer with exhaustion, stress, anxiety and burn out because they’re not meeting their needs and their desires fully and so they’re pushing through life just to get by. Just surviving. Just having enough energy to do what ‘needs’ to get done. 


I was one of those people and I know that living this way doesn’t serve you.

Living your life to

fulfil your needs of peace, love, freedom and joy so

you're thriving

is when you are truly happy.


And it’s when you can be of utmost service to humanity and to the people that you love in your life.


If you are ready to tap into the resources that live inside of you through your own inner wisdom - your intuition…


Join me for this 6 week Awaken Your Intuition Immersion.





Courtney Parker

Youth Mentor and Reiki Practitioner

The course for me covered more than what I even knew I wanted to know. 


My 3 biggest insights were

that I could clearly feel what my intuition feels like, that it’s always there and I can ask it anything 


the difference between intuition and ego.


I absolutely loved the 6 week Awaken your Intuition immersion! 


I have done other courses previously and found that they all teach similar things,

which to be honest while I’m struggling with my intuition makes me feel a little disheartened.


Christine’s Immersion offered so many tips that I had never been taught before. 

The healings were all so relevant and really helped me breakdown fears and resistance. 

I had multiple breakthroughs within the six weeks and can confidently say that I know what my intuition feels like. 


I’m so excited to continue to use the tools Christine has taught me as I strengthen my relationship with my intuition. 


Thank you so much Christine xx 




Natalie Mackrell

Biz Owner and Reiki Practitioner

I got way more out of the course that I expected to.


I truly love the Awaken Your Intuition Immersion with Christine. I connected to parts of myself that I hadn’t before. I learnt techniques that were so easy to practise, heal and balance.


Christine is such a beautiful soul. So easy to connect to and very relatable. She shares so much information and wisdom and always comes from the heart and a place of love and light.


I had some amazing experiences that I had been blocking. So being more open and receptive is allowing a new flow.

I am finding writing has given me a deeper awareness and another avenue to deliver me my messages.

I am noticing I am in my body most of the time now. If I stray I bring myself back to my heart space.


My ego voice is not as powerful now. I am so surprised how much it was controlling me and sabotaging my goals and desires, now that I recognize it !!!


Listening to your teachings about the Soul and Ego opened my eyes up to a whole new world. 


How you have explained these differences between ego and intuition

has really helped me understand myself so much deeper and clearer


Thankyou so much 💖

Erena Oliver

Integrative Remedial Well-Being + Relationship Coach

A true highlight working with Christine, especially in a group setting is that the intention set impacts every one of us – even when we are so different and at different stages. 


I still feel that there is immense value for myself and I also love group work because sometimes others perspectives or understandings can really help me go deeper, or discover an aspect of my own journey that I had not seen that was unhealthy. 


In the last group healing I participated in, the intention was about feeling empowered.  Well – empowerment is my thing, what I teach and what I try to live, and yes, I went another level deeper, had some greater clarity and understanding, even though I work on this often.  


I saw where I did not feel safe to express myself, how my own anger and the anger of those around me stopped me from fully and healthily expressing my feelings, my needs and my desires.  Feeling judged for being angry caused me to shut down and this has created much conflict and confusion in my relationships, and has attracted angry people into my life over the glad to have this understanding and to have cleared a little more so I can feel more confident (empowered) to express myself and I know I will be able to express myself in a more healthy way as a result of the group healings –


mega thanks Christine xx


What you can expect when listening to the healings....

It's Yours For Only $997  (Normally $2294)






$397 AUD





$997 AUD

A bit about me...


Hi! I'm Christine Agha. I'm an expert NLP Mindset Coach, Energy Healer and Medium for sensitive women who are ready to let go of self doubt and overwhelm and develop Emotional Mastery so that they can step into their most confident, loveable and empowered self.


The healing modality that I use is called Soul Psychology and I credit the combination of this healing modality and NLP Mindset coaching to the transformation that I have personally journeyed through out of severe depression and anxiety.


My biggest passion is empowering women to find their sense of centred-ness, freedom and inner peace...

Freeing themselves from the internal mind chatter and conflict and connecting with their intuition and their bodies inner wisdom/inner guidance system.

I have spent the last 9 years supporting hundreds of women in online VIP coaching sessions and energy healing sessions as well as running workshops at local schools on Mindful Parenting.


I worked as the Global Trainer at The Energy Medicine Institute and was quickly promoted to General
Manager, before making the transition into my own business supporting women.. The Energy Medicine Institute is a Global Education Provider of International Certifications for Energy Healing.


Many of the women that I have worked with have healed their relationship with themselves so that they honour and respect their own needs more and know their worth. Others have overcome feelings of guilt, shame, anger, depression and anxiety in their sessions with me, using a combination of Emotional Mastery tools and healing processes.

It's Yours For Only $997  (Normally $2294)